Carol-Anne, Operational Excellence Lead for a global life sciences company

“Faced with the single biggest change project we’d ever encountered, Jacinta coached and guided the leadership team through all elements of external communications and employee engagement. Her advice was always grounded in insight and she had an uncanny ability to get to the heart of what mattered to the people and the business. Her depth of experience and calm approach were invaluable in helping us navigate the initial change announcement. She is now working with us to accelerate a culture change within the business. Working with Jacinta has been a very positive experience.”

Lydia, HR Director for a multi-national food and beverage company

“Having introduced a new set of behaviours in recent months, awareness and understanding where high amongst employees world-wide, but we faced a challenge to sustain the momentum and embed the behaviour change.  That’s where Jacinta came in – she helped us shape an embed and grow programme that created a real energy and buzz.  At one point we had two business units competing for the most likes/comments of colleagues’ video messages on our internal social media channel … engagement doesn’t get better than that.”   

Clare, HR Manager for a multinational healthcare company

“Communications regarding the company’s employee Health & Wellbeing benefits had been piecemeal, but the launch of a new preventative health programme was an opportunity to reinvigorate it.   Jacinta devised an engagement strategy that drew all the threads together and positioned the company as a Modern Employer, committed the health and wellbeing of employees and their family members.  Over the course of 12 months we’ve transformed the way we talk about Health and Wellbeing, employees can now see the whole picture and it is proving a competitive advantage in the market.”

Dave, Country Manager for large consumer healthcare company

“Jacinta helped us leverage our ‘Made in Ireland’ platform to secure high profile features in the national media, that provided a great springboard for our brand marketing.  As well as helping craft the narrative, she coached me through preparing and participating in the interviews … not something I was particularly looking forward to.  I really value the way she cuts through the jargon to provide solid strategic advice.”

Eimear, General Manager of the Irish arm of a blue chip pharmaceutical company

“Jacinta devised an external communications strategy to build our company’s reputation.   We had confidence in the approach she recommended as it was grounded in insights from consumer survey on the reputation of the sector and what facts and information would help build awareness, familiarity, engagement and ultimately trust.  Her approach was based on bringing our company to life through our people.  She delivered a sustained programme of media, from showcasing our female scientists on Twitter around International Women’s Day, to leader profile features in national media.   The social media engagement scores were astounding.”

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